Sundarban Child Family and
Integrated Development Project

The Project area covers 11 villages of Canning-II and Basanti Blocks of Sundarban , South 24 Parganas, West Bengal. Activities undertaken are noted below.

Child Participation

One of the core elements of the project is Child Participation. Through Shishu Sansad the children are taking care of the cleanliness of environment, collection of old books & distribution among the poor children, bringing back the drop outs, immunization campaign, birth registration, process etc.

Child Education

Education programmes are running in the project villages. Eleven programs on school motivation by joyful method were conducted with 220 children of age group of 3-5 years for enrollment in the local primary schools. The children received tutorial support. Adolescent children were oriented on gender sensitization, physical and mental development.

Health & Nutrition

Health check up for the children and their family members are carried out as a routine measure. Campaign continued for exclusive breast feeding for the new born babies. Regular awareness camps were conducted with Govt. service provider on immunization and adolescent care.

Water & Sanitation

Campaigns on water and sanitation organized on regular basis. The members from parents committee, MED groups, Shishu Sansad have taken initiatives with great sincerity. They constantly propagated the message of the essence of sanitary environment which includes healthy environment, use of sanitary latrine, clearing drainage congestion and conversation of renewable sources.

Cultural Events

Children were given opportunity to enhance their potential and creativity through art and craft, performing dance, drama, song, recitation, role play at open platforms. School kits with uniform; have been provided to the school children.
Our children participated in varieties of cultural programmes viz. song, recitation, role play and dance. One Brotochari camp was organized at Basanti.
Annual Get Together celebration was held at the year end at Canning with the children and their parents . It was the Annual Prize distribution ceremony to encourage the children and their families. All the participating children very enthusiastically performed in various programme events.

Reference Groups and
Geo-Specific Coverage

The people belonging to Scheduled Tribes / ST , Scheduled Castes / SC and other disadvantaged and vulnerable including the Women, Children and the Aged. Geo-specific projects of West Bengal are located in 11 villages of 2 Blocks in Sundarban (South 24 Parganas district).
The progress and achievement of the below mentioned projects are highlighted in brief.
• Sundarban Child, Family and Integrated Development Project
• Capacity Enhancing of Women’s Self Help Groups &
Micro-Enterprise Development Project
• Ballartop Short Stay Home
• Voice of Sundarban-Basanti

Micro- Enterprise Development

Micro enterprise groups are operating over a decade in 11 villages of Canning II and Basanti blocks. Altogether 200 MED groups are actively involved in income generating activities with a revolving capital nearly 50 lakh, 25 lakh through support of SEDP project fund and 25 lakh generated out of their own group savings. The groups capacitated to handle their own fund.
The MED Group representatives were provided trade based trainings and on strengthening their organization , conflict resolution, budget preparation and utilization of resources. The training were imparted by the in house resource persons. Groups meetings were held regularly to transact the business efficiently on savings and credit, selection of borrowers, loan recovery including family health, education and other social activities.

Ballartop Short Stay Home

The Home is running for the destitute children. Ten such victims are the present residents of the home. They are given scope to continue their regular education, counseling services, medical care and facilities for recreation. They keep themselves clean and tidy, scores good rank at their schools, good in extracurricular activities , learn household work and to become self reliant.

Voice of Sundarban-Basanti
Proposed Community Radio Station – CRS

Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Government of India, New Delhi has issued Letter of intent (LoI) for setting up a CRS , Voice of Sundarban- Basanti at Ballartop. Communication is in progress with the office of the Ministry for seeking financial assistance under Community Radio Support Scheme for installation of the CRS.
A visit programme has been conducted to the CRS- Jadavpur University . Contacted WEBEL and other vendors for procuring Quotations of the necessary equipments.










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